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Is it possible to get both of the Income-tax Exemptions from HRA and Home Loan Interest? With Tax Software in Excel

Is it possible to get both of the Income-tax Exemptions from HRA and Home Loan? Interest? The answer is yes if you

do not “live” in your own home. In other words, if you work in “one city” and live in a rented house there and your own

 house is in “another city” and it can be occupied or rented by your parents.

is it possible to get both of the income tax exemption

HRA is the allowance paid by employers to employees to cover the cost of rented housing. The Income Tax Act may exempt HRAs if the employee is in a rented home. To claim tax exemption, an employee must pay rent for the house he or she occupies. If an employee lives in his or her own home or does not pay any rent, he or she cannot claim a discount for HRA.

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Income tax law allows a rebate for the interest on home loans paid by an individual taxpayer. This interest discount is available for every housing loan taken for the purchase, construction, renovation or reconstruction of a residential home. The amount of the tax deduction depends on the purpose for which the home was occupied – such as whether the home was occupied for personal use or for rent.

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Value of Perquisite Calculator

In some cases, a taxpayer may live in a rented house and pay interest on a homeowner. This situation may arise where a taxpayer works in a city that is separate from his own city or he pays interest on a loan taken to buy or build a house for his parents, wife or children.

But the answer is no if you live in a separate house in the same city and have your own house in the same city. In other cases, where the taxpayer lives in his own home or, if someone does not pay rent for his stay, HRA is a fully taxable income tax law.

Special case:

1) If you live with your parents, you can claim an HRA discount by paying their rent. In such a situation, make sure that you have the correct documents such as rent agreement, rent receipt, a record of rent-paid transactions.

2) Even the rent paid to his wife can be claimed under the HRA waiver if there is documentation to prove the arrangement is genuine.

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Form 10 e

If you have not got any House Rent from your Employer?

If you are paying rent for residential accommodation but you have not received an HRA from your employer, you can claim a deduction under section 80GG of the Income Tax Act.

But the conditions for claiming section 80GG in the tax return are:

1) If You are self-employed / freelancer or salaried person.

2) You have not received HRA at any time of the year for which you are claiming 80GG HRA. In other words, the HRA component should not be part of your salary to claim Section 80GG.

3) The taxpayer or spouse or minor child should not own the home property.

4) It is mandatory to submit Form 10 BA for claiming the deduction U/s 80 GG

How to reduce your tax under section 80GG?

Pursuant to Section 10 (13A), the minimum of the following shall be deemed to be the amount of deduction under section 80GG:

1) Rupees Five Thousand per month or Rupees Sixty thousand per year.

2) The amount of annual rent minus 10% of the total income of the taxpayer.

3) 25% of the total income consolidated for one year.

Form 10BA

As already mentioned in the condition of claiming section 80GG, the taxpayer has to submit a 10BA form to claim deduction under section 80GG. Form 10BA can be submitted online by logging on to the Income Tax e-filing website. In Form 10 BA, the taxpayer has to declare the amount of rent paid and the name of the landlord.

However, we can determine the salary structure. Some employers offer the option to do this, so talk to your employer.

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is it possible to get both of Income Tax Exemption from HRA and Home Loan?
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Form 16

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